Cloud-Based vs. Local On-Site Server

With Drum Filler In The Cloud, we give you the power to determine where you store, monitor, and analyze your data.

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Cloud-Based vs. Local On-Site Server Features & Benefits

Drum Filler In The Cloud can be accessed via our secure cloud or can be stored on your local on-site server. To make a decision that’s best for your operation, review the benefits and features of each.

OPTION 1: Cloud Based

Historian & Analytics Software

Unlimited Storage on cloud

Remote Accessibility

Able to Compare Data At Multiple Locations

Data accessible in real-time

Edge Device included

No server maintenance costs

No additional equipment required

No additional IT / Set Up support required

Does not wear out over time

OPTION 2: Local Server

Historian & Analytics Software

Storage limited by server space

Only access on Network

Single location data available only

Data accessibility dependent on server

Edge Device included

Additional server required

Server maintenance costs not included

Additional IT / Support required

Wears out over time

Not included in program

Benefit of cloud


How the Cloud-Based Software Works

drum filler diagram


How the Local Server Works

drum filler diagram local connection

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