Drum Filler In The Cloud

Our solution is easy to use and allows you to search information about your products or batches at any point in time.

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How Drum Filler In The Cloud Manages Data

Our Cloud collects real-time data from your liquid filling machines and consolidates all the information in a secure server accessible from any device.

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The Power of Drum Filler In The Cloud

All Process Data From Your Drum, Pail, and Tote Filling Operations In One Place

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Big Data

All your machine data across different locations are consolidated into the platform, allowing you to take a macro view of all of your filling operations.

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Data Analytics

Analyze your machines’ raw data and make changes and/or conclusions to improve your operational efficiency.

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Business Intelligence

Transform your raw data into actionable insights through our software to develop strategic and tactical operational improvements.

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Managed Analytics

Our support team is readily available to translate all of your data and provide any improvements to your operations.

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Data Management

Collect, analyze, and store unlimited amounts of data on our secure servers.

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