The Power of Information

Uptime, minimizing operating costs, and increasing operational efficiencies are critical to improving your bottom line. With Drum Filler In The Cloud, you’ll be able to pinpoint opportunities to maximize your gross margin return on inventory.

drum filler app on phone and tablet

What Can You Do With Drum Filler Data?

  • Plan, direct and coordinate financial operations
  • Gain real-time financial insights - product-by-product, machine-by-machine
  • Track operational, product, and employee costs
  • Project operational and employee costs
  • Evaluate opportunities for cost reduction
  • Monitor employee operational analytics
  • Access operator/shift/location performance information 
  • Identify opportunities for training and employee development
  • Monitor and report operator goals alongside company goals and objectives
  • Organize micro and macro goals 
  • Adapt to market and operational changes 
  • Forecast production & production scheduling
  • Plan, project, and analyze specific projects
  • Monitor operational resources and optimize resource management
  • Analyze project time and expenses by operator / shift / location / product
  • Monitor and analyze production by product/operator/shift/location
  • Improve quality control and quality management measures
  • Monitor inventory and better predict inventory requirements 
  • Production schedule
  • Improve projected purchasing requirements
  • Manage inventory & materials by integrating with an ERP  
  • Optimize packaging and freight management in multiple locations
    • With global access to products, you can accurately schedule products with the lowest shipping / freight costs [closest to location]
  • Monitor warehouse operations 
  • Monitor and respond to changes in supply and demand
  • Maximize cost savings for procurement and logistics
  • Monitor filling times for containers, batches, days...
  • Determine opportunities for operational efficiencies
  • Plan & optimize manufacturing capacity
  • Plan & monitor costs and variances across different locations
  • Monitor and analyze operational costs 
  • Optimize operations to reduce overfilling / underfilling containers
  • Review data in real-time
  • Review & compare historical filling data
  • Search product recipes & compare operations
  • Track recipes & compare filling results
  • Easily modify product recipes across locations
  • Store operational data indefinitely while under contract
  • Easily access operational reports in real-time
  • Access descriptive analytics [business and financial reporting] 
  • Improve forecasting with data historian and predictive analytics
  • Access production data by order
  • Analyze how much a product you filled operator/shift/location/product/day...
  • Determine which location produces more / less of a specific product
  • Determine best selling product by tracking month-by-month
  • Get multi-location operational data instantaneously for analysis

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