Cleaning Supplies

The Company

A manufacturer of industrial cleaning liquids wanted to know how efficient their drum and tote filling operations were running at each of their three plants. They considered consolidating several filling operations into one plant, but before making that decision, they had to learn the efficiencies and production rates of each filling system.

The Goal

A study was required to determine a variety of factors, good and bad. For instance, which operation showed the best and worst production rates, how much overfilling or underfilling took place at each filling station, what was the cost of downtime, maintenance, changeover time, clean-out time, etc. etc. Since each drum filler ran five days a week, they would have to extract the up-to-the minute reports from their computers, but the software was not available when they installed the fillers. Today, it is.

The Results

So, the customer purchased, Drum Filler in the Cloud, a historian and analytics software that provided a report on every segment of their filling operations, as they wanted it and when they wanted it. Each manager could have that critical information, from one dashboard, sent to their PC, Tablet, or cell phone.

Drum Filler in the Cloud pinpointed the inefficiencies of each filling operation and revealed some overfilling problems, plus it recommended new methods to increase production, improve uptime, reduce maintenance, and improve material handling to speed production…among other things.

Cost Justification

One of the many reports, for example, showed them overfilling drums at one filling station.

  • At their smallest plant they were filling 400 drums/day = 104,000 drums/year
  • That operation was overfilling 55-gallon drums by 1% = 520,000 lbs./year
  • At the value of $2.36/lb. they were losing, or giving away, $1,227,000/year

In addition to increased revenues, after the customer implemented the improvements, they gained another $428,000 from production increases, uptime improvements, and better material handling methods.



Increased accuracy from +/- 5 lbs to +/- 0.2 lbs

Saved an estimated $137,000 per month

Saved an estimated $1,655,000 per year

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